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Melchar's Musing

Raccoons rule!

31 October
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  • melchar@livejournal.com
  • me1char
I also have a 'melchar' account on Dreamwidth.org

I am the secretary for BASFA and post the weekly minutes on LJ, Dreamwidth, Facebook and to the email mailing list

I am the Queen of Raccoons

Refereeing rpgs since 1973 - longer than many of my gamers have been alive. Currently ref'ing 2 live table-top games & 12 multi-player games on the 'net [at the Warren = http://www.boojumbunny.com/forums/].
Have worked all sorts of sf/f/gaming conventions for decades. Got into the furry community thru gaming. Worked, then ran the Further Confusion Game Room for a couple years; did Events for FC in 05 & 06.
I write, am a SFWA member, play console & online games, read, cook and do few enough 'normal' things that they are the abnormal parts of my life.

and I recommend this website for the Mittens icons and animations!: